Cajun Fiddle Workshop with Kellie Jones of Feufollet

In this workshop we will be learning a simple Cajun two-step and a waltz. We will break down seconding bowing patterns and will talk about how to use these patterns to build and change the dynamics of the tunes.

Born and raised in a roots music family, North Carolina native Kelli Jones immersed herself in Cajun culture upon moving to Louisiana in 2006. She started with playing fiddle at local Cajun dances to ultimately being asked to join the ranks of the immensely talented, young Cajun band Feufollet; a group renowned for leading the vanguard of new Louisiana music. She has also worked extensively with Joel Savoy of the first family of Cajun music, the Savoy’s. She continuously pushes the boundaries of Louisiana music, and her solo debut is forthcoming in 2020.

Class Schedules and Availability