Blues Guitar Workshop with Corey Harris

Join acclaimed blues guitar player Corey Harris for a special online workshop! He will talk about his influences and approach to playing traditional blues. The workshop will look at standard and open tunings, explore a few riffs, and jump into some of Corey’s favorite country blues songs. He looks forward to seeing you all soon!

Corey Harris is a guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, and band leader who has carved out his own niche in blues. A powerful singer and accomplished guitarist, he has appeared at venues throughout the North America, Europe, Brazil, The Caribbean, West Africa, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

He began his career as a New Orleans street singer, travelling throughout the southern U.S. In his early twenties he lived in Cameroon, West Africa for a year, which had a profound effect on his later work. He has recorded many old songs of the blues tradition while also creating an original vision of the blues by adding influences from reggae, soul, rock, and West African music. With one foot in tradition and the other in contemporary experimentation, Harris is a truly unique voice in contemporary music.

In 2007, Harris was awarded a $500,000 MacArthur Fellowship — commonly referred to as a “genius award” — for being artist who “forges an adventurous path marked by deliberate eclecticism.”

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