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The Bluegrass - Old Time Connection: Rhythm and Lead Guitar with Mark Kilianski of Golden Shoals

We’ll explore the similarities and differences of old time and bluegrass guitar playing, study examples of guitarists who stray from strict approaches, and find ways to enrich your playing of both styles. Maybe you’re a bluegrass guitarist who finds playing strict rhythm in an old time jam boring. Maybe you’re an old time rhythm champ who finds bluegrass to be wanky. Perhaps you’re someone who lobes these two similar, yet divergent styles and would love to see the two worlds collide more. Old time guitar playing can be exciting and complex, bluegrass can be tasteful and understated, and a deep dive into both will only strengthen your overall musicianship. Following this workshop, Mark and his bandmate Amy will lead a short jam for workshop participants.

Mark Kilianski is a guitar and banjo player, and singer songwriter, with home bases in Nashville, New Jersey, and Toronto, Canada. But most of the time you’ll find him on the road with Americana/Old Time duo Golden Shoals. In his formative years, Mark immersed himself in various styles of guitar music including classic rock, jazz, classical, and metal. While pursuing a degree in Jazz Composition at Berklee College of Music, he started meeting bluegrass and celtic fiddlers and took a stylistic left turn, having fallen in love with folk music’s raw aesthetic and ethos of anywhere/anytime jamming. This diverse musical background informs Mark’s unique sound and approach to traditional music and songwriting. Throughout it all, Mark pays homage to the old timers of American roots music, with his own personal reverence and humor.

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