Practice Smarter, Play Better with Cathy Fink

Learn to organize your practice time so that you improve your playing systematically. As students, we bring a ton of information home from camps, lessons, and online classes but sometimes are overwhelmed by it all and don’t know how to integrate it into our practicing. In this workshop we will discuss the tangible and intangible tools for good practice as well as learn how to schedule “manageable bites” of music to learn in manageable time frames.

Cathy Fink is a two-time GRAMMY® Award winner with an additional 11 GRAMMY nominations and over 60 Washington Area Music Awards with her partner, Marcy Marxer. Her musical specialties include old-time country, bluegrass, swing and various other roots styles. Cathy is a master of the five-string clawhammer banjo style and plays guitar, ukulele and fiddle. Cathy has taught at prestigious venues including Smithsonian Institution, Library of Congress, Midwest Banjo Camp, Steve Kaufman’s Acoustic Kamp, Folk Alliance International and many more. Her Banjo and Guitar courses on and Homespun Tapes have sold over 10,000 copies. She is the first woman to win the West Virginia State Banjo Contest (1980) and the first woman to win the Clifftop Banjo Contest (2018) at the Appalachian String Band Festival.

Cathy’s forty-seven year career includes tours of the US, Canada, Japan, China, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, The British Isles, Israel and South Africa. It also includes forty-eight albums.

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