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Theory and Composition with Python Programming for Musicians

Have you ever wondered why music sounds "right" to the human ear? If we could go back in time, before the dawn of music, and do it all over again, would it sound the same? Theory and Composition with Python combines the heart and soul of music with the infinite creativity of computer programming, and opens the door for a new generation of exploration and evolved music. Show up with your instrument, a computer, or just a pen and paper, you will walk away with a new perspective of music that will alter your compositions and the course of music history.
Open to anyone with a Mac computer. Be sure to check out Bryan’s free YouTube prep course here.

Born in Chicago's Lincoln Square neighborhood, Bryan has been an active teacher and performer throughout the United States since 1999. A professional classical guitarist, street performer, and cabaret producer, Bryan is most proud of his students' success. He has spent a good deal of time as a musicologist, developing a new theory curriculum that integrates Python programming and acoustics with modern theoretical analysis. He lives on the road, mostly between San Francisco and Chicago.

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