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Songwriting, Band-Fighting & Spotlighting

A day-long workshop with Sons of the Never Wrong at Old Town School of Folk Music’s historic 909 Armitage building. 
One of Chicago's most prolific and long-lasting folk trios offers up this intriguing peek into 3 different songwriting constructs & band dynamics. 
Part 1. Starting out the class with a mini-live performance of 3 songs, each writer steps to the fore to offer up specifics, insight, and notes for their own craft. 
Part 2. Stories are shared, song outlines are revealed, and to top it off, the bandmates unlock the arrangement puzzles & tips to keep your musical group projects whole and fruitful. Principles discussed are: dynamics, co-writing, harmony, performing, arranging, recording, song building etc.. 
Lunch Break
Part 3. Finally, after a lotto drawing of participants - 10 lucky singer/songwriters are put in the spotlight and are invited to share one original song on stage for Deb, Bruce & Sue’s feedback. 
Q & A to follow

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