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Irish Ballad Singing & Accompaniment Workshop

In this workshop, you will be encouraged to find your voice and interpret traditional Irish ballads while accompanying yourself on your instrument of choice (guitar, banjo, mandolin, bazouki, ukulele etc.) We will be drawing from the classic Irish songbook - from Count John McCormack to the Clancy Brothers, from pub favorites to sea shanties and love songs. The workshop will deconstruct song types, understand the appropriate rhythmic patterns and add vocal stylings to bring the songs to life. The craic will be mighty!

Jim McVeigh is from Belfast, Northern Ireland and has played extensively throughout Ireland and the British Isles. His background is in Irish traditional music playing Guitar and Bodhran with occasional outbursts of singing. Since coming to the United States in 1993 he has played in the Irish music scene throughout the Midwest and beyond.

You will also gain insights into the way of life in Old Ireland as some common themes and events are sung about in each ballad. Before each ballad is sung, I will explain background details of each song so you can gain a deeper understanding of it and therefore, learn how to best interpret the song.

As well as breaking down the first verse of each song to learn the air, you will also get the chance to practice some techniques such as phrasing, variation and ornamentation. We also take a look at lilting and how the tempo of the song can affect techniques.

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