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Songwriting Seminar: There’s Only One You

Seminar participants are divided into three groups and each section will experience these exhilarating artists.
Dream & Dialogue Collecting for Singer Songwriters & Poets 
with Sue Demel
Sue has cooked up a new class recipe for writers based on inspiration from Italo Calvino, but with a little Charles Bukowski thrown in for good measure. This session will look at how to gather ideas from dreams and cull your own mythical language. You will also work with writers in class to enter into the collective enterprise of writing with, for, and about others. The notion of letting dialogue and its rhythm become part of your song tempos & riffs will be discussed… then Sue will guide you through a series of exercises to help you write your own song or poem as the dream & dialogue collectors you are!

Songwriting With Your Senses
with Jenny Bienemann
Immerse yourself in the art of bringing each of your senses into your songs and songwriting.  Jenny Bienemann will guide you through writing exercises, activities and conversations that will help you expand your receptivity to new songwriting ideas, hone your craft, and leverage the force multiplier effect of group creative endeavor – all while experiencing the unique richness that each sense imparts to us and our creative process."

Find Out Who You Are and Be That
with Steve Dawson
Songwriting is a process of uncovering the parts of your musical personality that are really yours. What matters to YOU? What melody notes make YOU cry or jump for joy or get chills up and down your spine? What chord changes make you say, “wow, that was nice?" What kind of  lyrics do you like? Clear, conversational, plain spoken storytelling or more "poetic" imagery? Songwriting is a path of discovery. At first you will emulate your favorite artists and songs and then, over time, you will whittle away the influences to reveal your true artistic self. This workshop will help you navigate that process. 

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