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Getting Started in the Music Business: Build a Band, Promote Shows, Get Involved

Join us on as Ben Wright of the Henhouse Prowlers shares tips on starting and keeping a band together, booking and promoting shows, and ideas on how to contribute to the world of music even if you don’t want to perform. The music industry is exciting, fun, and sometimes a real pain in the butt. Get a head start on it by hearing about the journey of a band that started right here in Chicago, complete with soaring successes AND bone-headed mistakes.

Almost exactly 20 years ago in October of 1999, Ben Wright walked by the Old Town School and saw a banjo in the store window. He walked in, signed up for lessons and walked out with a new career on the horizon. Fast forward to 2019 and Ben’s band Henhouse Prowlers has played thousands of shows and regularly tours the world.

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