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Bringing Country Blues into the 21st Century with Catfish Keith

World-touring acoustic blues pioneer CATFISH KEITH will teach his unique style of country blues guitar fingerpicking and bottleneck slide techniques of two roots music giants: Big Bill Broonzy and Blind Willie Johnson.

He will first teach his version of Broonzy's great "Willie Mae" in the regular tuning, Key of A, which is built on a bonkin' monotonic bass and sleek sliding harmonies and include Catfish's signature "harp harmonics" that expand the range and sound of traditional blues to a new level.

The second half, Catfish will teach a Blind Willie Johnson Open D gospel slide guitar classic on his National. This song, "Bye and Bye,Going to see the King," features alternating bass, damping, vibrato, and gives you a whole unique slide guitar language, and demonstrates all three slide guitar positions, even bringing in Hawaiian guitar techniques.

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