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Let’s Talk about Practice: A Discussion of Practice Habits

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when the subject of practice comes up. Did I practice enough or at all? Did I practice the right way? Am I better? What am I supposed to be practicing? What if I’m too busy?

In this workshop, award-winning educator, Jason McInnes, will facilitate a combination of small group and large group discussions between participants, demystifying many notions of what to practice, how much to practice, and how to get that practicing done. Participants will hear what works and what doesn’t work for other musicians, and learn how to set achievable goals.

Jason McInnes has been a teacher at the Old Town School of Folk Music since 2003 and has guided thousands of beginning musicians in the joys of making music. Jason’s insights on practice come not only from being a music teacher, but also as a student of yoga, visual art and skateboarding, among other thing

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