Principles of Virtuosity with Fareed Haque

Known for his ability to play jazz, funk, world music and classical music with virtuoso chops, Fareed has distilled technique down to a few essential principles that can apply to all styles of guitar playing. Participants will work on left hand legato, right hand picking, classical techniques and the underlying principles that can make speed and chops available to everyone.

Fareed will walk you thru the essential elements of blues, funk, soul and jazz improvisation. We will break down complicated jazz theory into it's most essential elements, and rebuild the entire jazz language using basic blues scales. This will enable everyone who knows a basic blues scale to play jazz and follow in the natural learning process that is the root of all great playing.

Professor Haque will outline the principles introduced in his best selling Truefire courses Soul Jazz Survival Guide, Jazz Rock Workshop, Modal Jazz SG and Gaga for Raga. All participants will receive a Truefire discount code and one lucky student’s name will be picked from the roster and win an instructional DVD.

Do not miss this opportunity to learn from this brilliant musician.

Class Schedules and Availability