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Guitar Skills Boot Camp

Whether you've been away from the guitar, exhausted the online lessons on Youtube, or just need extra help with some key techniques, the Core Guitar Skills Boot Camp is a fast and fun way to get a lot of usable information in a short amount of time!
In two hours, you'll get to sample these three essential workshops:
*Barre Chords Made Easier
Develop the muscles, theory and technique to play barre chords across the neck. Learn how to move fluidly from barre and open chords in a song.
*Strumming Secrets
Make your guitar groove, swing, lilt and drive, even when you're singing! Break down complicated rhythms in to easy-to-understand patterns.
*Fingerpicking For Everyone
Learn practical techniques and patterns that you can use right away, including simple arpeggios, alternate bass patterns, and a “Travis picking” pattern. Improve your tone, speed and coordination.

Afterwards, Charles will meet with students to help place them in the appropriate Core Guitar, Musicianship, or Ensemble that best fits their interests and musical goals!

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