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Old Time Clawhammer Banjo

Come learn a new tune! We will focus on concepts you can apply to tunes you already know and your playing in a broader way. This workshop is aimed at those who are already comfortable with the mechanics of clawhammer banjo (bum-ditty, drop thumb) and we will build throughout to accommodate advanced beginner, intermediate & advanced. After the workshop, stay for a 30-minute jam with the fiddle players who will be working on the same skills in a separate workshop!

Allison de Groot and Tatiana Hargreaves, two women on the forefront of American traditional music, join forces in this powerful new duo.Their reverence for the people and music that has come before them provides a platform on which they build their own musical vocabulary. With banjo, fiddle, and voice, Allison (Molsky’s Mountain Drifters) and Tatiana (Laurie Lewis) seek out unusual repertoire that catches their ear and inspires them to explore the boundaries of the tune. Their debut album showcases a strong new voice that is both reflective and dynamic.

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