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Songwriting Seminar: Keys to Creation

Seminar participants are divided into three groups and each section will experience these exhilarating artists. We will host a follow up song share Sunday, December 9 at 3:00PM for those who are interested and sufficiently inspired by this offering.

LET GO - LET’S GO with Sue Demel
A special vocal AND writing improvisation class for singer songwriters. Sue will share improv tips and tricks for one's live performances as well as ways to employ improv tools to expand written melodies & lyrics. Sue has devised a popular 11 point Improvisation checklist to take the fear out of leaving the melody and finding new inspiration. Some principles discussed in class: warm-ups, free writing, dynamics, scat, call & response, and tempo. This is an interactive class that invites the students to challenge themselves as singers & writers of their own music, as well as covers. Students are also invited to bring in previously written work to use as jumping off points. Find ways to break through your own glass ceiling without getting hurt a bit!” 

Using Music Theory to Enhance Your Creativity with Steve Dawson
Music theory shouldn’t be something to be afraid of when it comes to writing songs. Understanding the basic concepts of chords, keys and melody will enrich your songs, give you more options and get you closer to writing what you hear in your head. Steve has many years of experience teaching basic theory to songwriting classes using approachable language and examples. You will leave with a better knowledge of how to expand your songs’ chord palate, how each chord within a key has a role, how to venture outside the key, how each note of the scale relates to the key and the chords and much, much more. Even if you already have music theory knowledge this class will inspire you to think in terms of compositional tools and playfulness rather than “rules,” resulting in richer, more expansive songs.

Navigating the Territory of Creativity with Jenny Bienemann
“You are the writer of songs and you matter. Period. Let’s build on that! Songwriters are the lightning rods that bridge the realms of idea and reality. In this session, we will learn techniques to navigate this vast territory and explore ways to allow your unique perspective to infuse the process of song creation through individual and group exercises focusing on lyrics and melody. Working as a group will only enhance the tools which you will take away from this distinct encounter.

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