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Canciones De Mi Padre

Michael G. and Petie narrate and demonstrate the colorful music and history of their storied family. Dating back five generations to Federico “Fred” Ronstadt in the 1800s, music was and remains inextricably intertwined with their lives, reflecting their mixed Mexican, Southwestern and German roots. Bring your instruments and voices as the Ronstadt’s explore the century-plus range of styles: polka, mariachi, huapango, classical, folk, early rock, and the diverse original songwriting of today’s generation. Participants will be invited to share their family music histories and traditions as well, time permitting. Handouts will include lead sheets for chords and lyrics.

Lead sheets are included for those who bring instruments and want to sing or follow along. As well as instructional pages on a variety of the rhythms and techniques that Ronstadt Brothers implements from Mexican and other traditional rhythms, to basic picking and strumming techniques, and even fun bowing techniques for the fiddle (cello in our case). The rhythms are presented in such a way that even those who don’t bring instruments can participate with their hands on drums, desks, or even their laps.

The group hopes to expose people to new and different ways of looking at music and blending different cultural influences by connecting it all to the Ronstadt family’s history and traditions. We can all learn something new by looking into the past.

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