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Hoop Dancing

Join Renee to learn tricks and basics of Hoop Dancing, including waist hooping, moving with the hoop, arm hooping and lifts, around and off-body tricks, walkthroughs, spins, passes, and combinations - whatever we don’t get to will be saved for next time! Hooping is great fun, and great exercise.

Hoops will be available for use and purchase, or bring your own!

Modern hoop dance travelled to Dekalb, Illinois from San Francisco, California and exploded onto the scene at The House Cafe and the Independent Rock Barn in 2008. It was in this oasis of the cornfields where Renee Nanzer and a group of friends started to learn the art of hoop and fire dance. The Dekalb Hoop Troop formed as a high energy and incredibly friendly and open group of musicians, dancers, and artists that performed in and around DeKalb, Peoria, and Chicago in bars, clubs, parades, dance studios, festivals, volunteer community classes, and more. Renee, one of the founding members, moved to Chicago in 2010 where she continues hoop dancing. Hoop dance changed her life by giving her a sense of body confidence and joy that she aspires to pass on to anyone interested in learning. Her specialities are tosses, transitions, and musicality.

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