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Songwriting: Chords and Structures

Songwriters often feel they're often running out of options with either the way they organize the sections of their songs, or the chord progression they use. The Chords and Structure class will expand on the techniques you know, giving you more options to create the song you want.

In the Chords part of the class, we'll first look at logic of why and when chords want to move with in a key. Then, we'll look at how chords affect the perception of melody and lyrics. We also study how to extend chords you already know, by adding 6th's, 7th's, 9ths and suspensions, polychords, and bass notes. Finally, we'll look at when other chords can be 'borrowed' from other keys. 

In the Structure part of the class, we'll investigate how people have used verses, choruses, refrains, pre-choruses, intros, outros, and codas. We'll look at special song forms used in blues, folk, country, jazz, standards, pop and hard rock. Most importantly, we'll look at why people use them, why they break away from them, and how they can help your own songwriting vision.!

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