Four-Stringed Improvisation - Fiddle and Mandolin

Improvising is a natural skill that is easily cultivated on a mandolin, fiddle, viola or tenor banjo . This class will help you discover infinite musical possibilities just under your fingertips. Your ears will be tuned to work in different composing modes such as melodic, pentatonic, lyrical, and blues. Folk, bluegrass, and jazz, are a few of the styles that will be covered, and building rhythm parts will be part of the fun. In each class, play an exercise and a musical example to explore the possibilities for rhythm, composed backup parts, and soloing.

This class is right for you if: You have always played from written music but wonder how to “just play,” you have learned lots of fiddle tunes by ear but struggle with what to play when you get together with other instruments, or you sound really great on the same three licks but wonder if there are more things to play.

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