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Teachers at the Old Town School

Diana Laffey

Wiggleworms Program, Double Play for Preschoolers

“Wiggleworms with Ms. Diana has added an infusion of joy into our Wednesday mornings! She has the incredible ability to create an environment filled with music, singing, dancing, celebrating where you almost lose yourself for a little while. What a gift!”—Wiggleworms Parent

“Miss Diana is truly a Wiggleworms pro, and we feel lucky to have had her this session. She keeps the children engaged by always keeping the class moving, which is very important for children this age. She is confident in leading the class, and her professionalism shines through in all she does.”—Wiggleworms Parent

“WE LOVE DIANA. She is so incredibly attuned to the children in the room and is able to respond so accurately to what they need in the moment…She is a truly gifted early childhood educator and we are so grateful to have connected with her class.”—Wiggleworms Parent

“Great memories of a great class with a great teacher.”--Wiggleworms Parent

Started at the Old Town School in January of 2008

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