Tribute Gifts

April 30, 2015 through April 30, 2016

Your support makes a world of music and a world of difference. Thank you!

Tribute gifts at all levels are included. We want your recognition to be accurate; should you find an error or have a question, please contact the Development Office at 773.751.3343.

  • To Isaac Akers with love in honor of his Bar Mitzvah*
  • In honor of Tim and Carol Anderson
  • In honor of Bob Arthur, CEO, Magellan Corporation
  • In memory of Paul Breidenbach*
  • In honor of Miriam Braganza's Birthday
  • In honor of Mary Jane and Richard Drews
  • In honor of Arlo Guthrie and Rising Son Intl.
  • In the name of Arlo Guthrie
  • In loving memory of Kenneth Guy*
  • In memory of Mary Hamilton
  • In honor of Ed Holstein*
  • In memory of Fred Holstein
  • In memory of Barbara A. and Kenneth P. Hein
  • In memory of Bruce Kaplan
  • In honor of Richard and Patricia Katz
  • In honor of Jim Kastenholz*
  • In memory of Phyllis Kawano*
  • Ben Kirk Memorial Fund, in memory of John Benjamin Kirk*
  • In memory of Albert Klotnia
  • In honor of Shelly Luster
  • In loving memory of Janet Malooley
  • In honor of Gary and Laura Maurer
  • In honor of Mike Mann, loved by many, from Don McLellan and the Funky Old Souls Band
  • In memory of Mike Mann*
  • In honor of Margaret Carioti and Patrick Murphy
  • In memory of Gwen Pippin*
  • In honor of Ethel Polk on her birthday
  • In honor of Jamie Rachlin
  • In honor of Gary Rejebian
  • In honor of Judith Roth's 80th Birthday*
  • In memory of Bob Simmons
  • In honor of Charles Vinpal
  • In honor of Michael Warner
  • * indicates multiple gifts