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Parties for Kids

So, you're hosting a bunch of kids and need something fun to engage, entertain, and/or educate them? Let us help!


Please note that when you book entertainment through the Old Town School of Folk Music you are guaranteed professional service and musicianship. But most importantly, you are helping to fund the Old Town School in its continuing mission to teach and celebrate music and cultural expressions rooted in the traditions of diverse American and global communities.

Generally, bookings require a minimum of 2-3 weeks lead time prior to the date of event. Rates vary based on a variety of factors...for more information and to book, please contact our Manager of Artist Engagement, Jenna Murfin, at jmurfin@oldtownschool.org

Wiggleworms Party

This option is led by one of our solo Wiggleworms performers. They play guitar, sing, and lead the kids in singing along, using shakers, etc. This event is intended to engage both parents and children in moving and singing together as led by the teacher performer. The focus is on traditional children's tunes, but some artists also have some great originals that may be weaved into a set.

Best for ages: 0-3 (and often even up to 5 or 6)

Sing-Along Party

One of our kids' music performers will lead the crew in singing songs that are not the standard "Wiggleworms" fare. Some originals may be part of the mix and/or tunes could be chosen based on a theme such as "campfire" songs, "western-themed" tunes, or "pop and rock" numbers, etc.

Best for ages: 4-12 years

Meet the Instruments Party

This option is a party version of our Meet the Instruments class. It is for kids who are ready to follow the ritual and routine of the group, led by the teacher performer. The party will still include singing and dancing but does include more of an expectation of everyone to sit in a circle and to participate in the experience together than sometimes is the case in something like Wiggleworms. The standard for this party is that the leader brings guitar as well as a mix of at least 4 additional instruments that will span different musical families. It is great if parents want to participate in this with their children but, assuming the kids meet the criteria above, can also be facilitated at parties where kids are dropped off by their parents as long as the host and enough adults are present to insure the leader is able to focus on the activities and not corralling or disciplining the kids.

Best for ages: 3-6 years

*If desired, an instrument-making option can be added to this for an additional cost (for example, a tube kazoo) - this would generally add about 20-30 minutes total time.

Art Party

One of our talented art program instructors will lead your group in an art project. You may develop the art project theme and concept, or you can work with the teacher to develop the project together! We love adapting art concepts to a certain party theme, and we'll typically introduce the project with your choice of story, poem, or visuals. Art parties are best for crowds of 12 kids or fewer, and we find that the experience works best for children who are at least 3 years old. We occasionally make exceptions to these policies, depending on any particular needs that you may have.

Best for ages: 3 - 12 years

*This option can be amended for larger groups, but we would likely add a second leader at additional cost.

**Please note that artists generally arrive at least 30 minutes early for an art party and will be there to clean up for around 30-60 min following project end time.

Rhythm Circle

One of our wonderful percussion instructors will bring shakers, drums, etc to facilitate a rhythm party of sorts. They will lead the kids in learning and putting together rhythms and beats, all while having a great time. This works best for under 15 kids although it is possible with more.

Best for ages: 4 - 100 years

Yoga, Creative Movement, or Dance Party

One of our talented and creative teaching artists will lead a yoga, creative movement, or dance workshop/class. These options work best with under 12-15 kids. Creative movement options can be themed as well, to include music from specific artists or movies, etc. Other specific forms of dance are also available for those age 6 and up (hip-hop, ballet, jazz, modern).

Yoga or a specific dance form are best for ages: 6 years and up. Creative Movement is best for ages: 3-6 years

Improv Theater Game Party

One of our fun and energetic theater instructors would lead the kids in some engaging theater games, which not only build confidence but also encourage teamwork and listening skills. This option works best with 4-12 kids.

Best for ages: 4 years and up

Storytelling Party

Let one of our talented storytelling artists lead your group in storytelling activities that will leave the kids feeling engaged and invested in the experience. We offer options that include the leader doing most of the storytelling (and possibly focusing on a specific theme and/or incorporating music) but also activities that engage the children in telling a story themselves or that encourage them to act much of it out, or to even explore various movement concepts within it (as mentioned under the creative movement listing). This option works best with 5-12 kids.

Best for ages: 4 years and up


The birthday party version of this exciting show fits into a living room; the birthday child is featured in the show and magically wins several magic souvenirs. The show is very visual with lots of audience participation and includes puppets who do magic too! Blending humor, whimsy and impressive illusions, the show will appeal to not only the kids but adults as well. Options below are for ages 4 and up… our magician says, "Magic doesn't really work for ages 3 and below – because everything is already magical for them."

Best for ages: 4 years and up


We also have a number of our kids' music performers who play in larger configurations and so, if you were looking for a bigger sound or something more like a concert, you could book a duo, trio or even larger group to put on a show. This sort of thing tends to be better for bigger parties but something like a duo could also perform to a smaller group without being too overwhelming.) We have bands that perform in configurations as large as 8 pieces, where creative movement and visual elements are involved. Obviously, the larger groups work best for events with larger budgets/crowds and we often arrange for groups to perform at benefits, school functions, etc.

Best for ages: All