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Kids Parties

So, you're hosting a bunch of kids and need something fun to engage, entertain, and/or educate them? Let us help!


We bring the fun to your party! While we do not host parties here at the School, we can send any of the below options out to a venue you have arranged. Generally, bookings require a minimum of 2-3 weeks lead time prior to the date of event (but sometimes we can help even on short notice, so don't hesitate to ask). Rates vary based on a variety of factors. For more information and to book, please contact our Manager of Artist Engagement, Jenna Murfin, at jmurfin@oldtownschool.org

If possible, include the following details in your email: date, time and location of your event, number and age range of children, number of adults, type of party you'd like to book, any specific song or performer requests, billing address and your best contact phone number.

Please note that when you book entertainment through the Old Town School of Folk Music you are guaranteed professional service and musicianship. But most importantly, you are helping to fund the Old Town School in its continuing mission to teach and celebrate music and cultural expressions rooted in the traditions of diverse American and global communities.

Wiggleworms or Mini Concert Party

This option is led by one of our children's program performers. They play guitar, sing, and lead the kids in singing along, using shakers, etc. This event is intended to engage both parents and children in moving and singing together as led by the teacher performer. The focus is on traditional children's tunes, but some artists also have great originals or pop/rock covers that may be weaved into a set. Generally, these performances work best when the adults/parents are circled up with their kids! If you'd like a performance that happens more in the background of the party, please let us know and we can book the Mini Concert option, which is geared more toward slightly older kids. We can also book a larger act (duo, trio, etc.) and different instrumentation if budget and space allow.

Best for ages: 0-3 (and often even up to 5 or 6) for Wiggleworms, or 4-12 for the Mini Concert option

Meet the Instruments Party

This option is a party version of our Meet the Instruments class. It is for kids who are ready to follow the ritual and routine of the group, led by the teacher performer. The party will still include singing and dancing but also the expectation that everyone will sit in a circle and participate in the experience together, moreso than sometimes is the case in a Wiggleworms class with younger children. The standard for this party is that the leader brings a guitar as well as a mix of at least 3 additional instruments that will span different musical families. It is great if parents participate in this with their children, but, assuming the kids meet the criteria above, can also be facilitated at parties where preschool-aged children are dropped off by their parents.

Best for ages: 3-6 years

Dance/Creative Movement/Yoga Party

One of our talented and creative teaching artists will lead a yoga, creative movement, or dance workshop/class. These options work best with under 12-15 kids and sufficient space to move. Creative movement options can be themed to include music from specific artists or movies, etc. Other specific forms of dance are also available and may be best for those age 6 and up (hip-hop, ballet, West African, etc).

Yoga or a specific dance form are best for ages: 6 years and up. Creative Movement is best for ages: 3-6 years

Rhythm Circle

Led by one of our wonderful percussion program teaching artists, this party can be educational and entertaining! Using a mix of shakers, drums and even their own bodies, this party gets the group grooving to the rhythms they create. The leader will guide the group in learning and putting together some basic patterns. They can also share information and history about the music and drums themselves, all while facilitating a great time. This works best for under 15 kids, although it can work with larger groups too, including adults, with additional leaders. Some variations are available that can include part lesson/drum circle and part concert.

Best for ages: 4 - 100 years

Improv Theater Game Party

One of our fun and energetic theater instructors will lead a variety of engaging theater games, which not only build confidence but also encourage teamwork and promote listening skills. This option works best with 4-12 kids.

Best for ages: 4 years and up