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Thursday, May 2, 2024  ·  8:00 PM CDT


4544 N Lincoln Ave · Gary and Laura Maurer Concert Hall · 773.728.6000

Pallett is the alternative voice of Iran's current generation; a mix of contemporary and classical Persian poetry; a dialog between today's social issues and their cultural heritage. All of these elements combined, create the colorful world of Pallett. The band is comprised of three classically trained musicians who are not bound by the conventional principles of their musical background, utilizing modern and contemporary motifs in their music.

They are considered pioneers of the new wave of alternative music, because of their authentic sound, which fuses elements of classical, traditional, jazz, rock, gypsy and Iranian folk music. The longevity of the band and their continuous success, both domestically and abroad, is a testament to the hard work and dedication to their craft. Incorporating Iranian and eastern scales within the framework of western instruments, they started off as an unconventional band but slowly made their way to the heart of the mainstream audience.

They are one of the few artists in this genre, who have massive audiences in different cities all around the country. They have gone on to perform hundreds of shows with no signs of slowing down. Not only have they sold out most of their domestic shows in recent years, but also internationally they have played for huge audiences in Europe, the U.S., Brazil and more.