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Friday, April 12, 2024  ·  10:30 AM CDT

Andalusian Trail

A Musical Journey through the Middle East, North Africa, and Spain

4544 N Lincoln Ave · · 773.728.6000

Spotlight: Middle East
Grades All Ages

From Rajasthan, India to the Middle East to North Africa and across the Mediterranean into Andalusia, Spain, musical ideas and instruments were exchanged and have contributed to the foundation of Andalusian and flamenco music. Through music, dance, and storytelling, members of Las Guitarras de España and Surabhi Ensemble take to the trail and tell the tale of this shared cultural history from medieval Andalusia to the present. The performance includes original and traditional repertoire of Spanish guitar, Arab-Andalusian poetry and music, as well as Rajasthani, Middle Eastern, and flamenco folk music and dance. Teresa Hernando Rojo from the Instituto Cervantes Chicago called the performance “… a perfect combination of musicians and storytellers, blending wonderful music with humor and memoir…an excellent and well-received show to the delight of the audience!