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Friday, November 17, 2023  ·  10:30 AM CST

Movement Dance Revolution

Jammin' with the Boombox : History of Hip Hop

4544 N Lincoln Ave · · 773.728.6000

Grades 3 to 12

Let the Movement Revolution Dance Crew inspire and teach students the value of positive art – peace, love, unity and having fun! This show integrates street culture into concert dance, while paying tribute to the originators of hip hop and its components: the DJ, the B boy and B girl, the MC, graffiti art and the teacher. Jammin' with the Boombox: the History of Hip Hop, is a music and dance performance that demonstrates and teaches the history of Hip Hop culture by breaking down the 5 elements of Hip Hop. After seeing the show, students will know the 5 elements of Hip Hop, where and how Hip Hop started, who the pioneers of Hip Hop are, and how the innovations of the DJ and music sparked a new dance revolution. Created by Monternez Rezell, this interactive performance features original music, choreography, visual art and culminates in the celebration of the overall positivity and creativity that is the essence of Hip Hop culture.