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Thursday, June 22, 2023  ·  8:00 PM CDT

Adeem the Artist / Jamie McDell

4545 N Lincoln Ave · The Myron R. Szold Music & Dance Hall · 773.728.6000

Adeem the Artist

From their earliest self-released EPs to 2021's Cast-Iron Pansexual - the album that earned praise from Rolling Stone and American Songwriter for its examination of faith, sexual identity, and self-acceptance - Adeem the Artist has continued to build a following by blending Appalachian musical influences and poetic flair with a healthy dose of comedic instinct.

“Humor has always been a part of my life,” explains the Eastern Tennessee-based songwriter, citing comedians Andy Kaufman and Sarah Silverman as artistic influences in addition to musicians like John Prine and Blind Boy Fuller. Growing up, first in North Carolina and later in Syracuse, New York, Adeem quickly realized that with the right delivery, dark jokes could offer a socially acceptable way to open up about the tough stuff.

“They play country songs in heaven, but in hell we play ‘em loud,” they sing on the standout single “Going to Hell.” Regardless of your thoughts on the afterlife, Adeem sings with an easy-going charisma that makes it easy to want to follow them—to heaven, to hell, or to some raucous, welcoming party in between.


Jamie McDell

When she was just age 7, McDell's father left a high-paying job at an elite Auckland law firm to shift her mother, younger sister and Jamie onto the high seas and began living aboard a yacht in the Mediterranean. It's here Jamie wrote her first song, a sea shanty to the dolphins. Also on that yacht lived a small collection of her parents' favorite cassette tapes, which luckily included albums by Jimmy Buffett, John Denver and James Taylor. An eager learner, Jamie then picked up the guitar after studying her fathers' John Denver chord book collection and has never looked back.

Now at age 29, the New Zealand singer/songwriter has achieved a prolific amount in her formative years. Being signed to EMI at age 16 sparked the beginning of a successful musical journey, making her a household name across the NZ with a combination of 70s folk and country, blended with a healthy dose of roots and rock.