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Friday, October 7, 2022  ·  7:00 PM CDT

Chicago Immigrant Orchestra with East Loop

3700 W. 103rd St · McGuire Hall, St Xavier University · 773.728.6000

Chicago Immigrant Orchestra

Pre-concert Interactive Demo at 5:30pm!

In 2019, the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events approached guitarist Fareed Haque and oud player Wanees Zarour to restart the Chicago Immigrant Orchestra and headline 2020's Chicago World Music Festival. Due to the global COVID-19 Pandemic, the orchestra performed a critically acclaimed virtual concert that September.

The new CIO today is a 20-piece ensemble that consists of members of the Chicago immigrant community, representing musical traditions from all over the world. In this fresh approach under the direction of Haque and Zarour, Chicago Immigrant Orchestra musicians from the Far East to Western Europe, Africa and the Americas are thoroughly involved the evolution of the musical ideas that are presented.

The New Chicago Immigrant Orchestra explores the relationships and differences among these traditions, creating a unique and cohesive tapestry of cultures.


The East Loop

The East Loop is an instrumental music ensemble that combines Jazz and Maqam and likes to improvise. Led by award winning composer and multi-instrumentalist Wanees Zarour, the band performs his compositions as well as pieces written by Sam Mosching, Bryan Pardo and the rest of the band.

The band of composers and band leaders stands at the intersection of African American, Middle Eastern and South American music, blending traditions including Jazz, Funk, Rock, Blues and Maqam. Complex rhythmic, melodic and musical arrangements come together in electrifying performances of music that's both intricate and groovy.