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Wednesday, November 10, 2021  ·  8:30 PM CST

Chicago Flamenco Festival 2021

Flamenco Americana

World Music Wednesday

4545 N Lincoln Ave · The Myron R. Szold Music & Dance Hall · 773.728.6000

World Music Wednesdays

A weekly showcase of world music and dance featuring the best local and touring talent! Most shows are Wednesday nights at 8:00 PM.

Most World Music Wednesday concerts are free with a $10 suggested donation. TO GUARANTEE YOUR ENTRY MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS IN ADVANCE EITHER ONLINE OR BY CALLING THE BOX OFFICE AT 773.728.6000. Reservations unclaimed 10 minutes before showtime will be released to waiting patrons.

Kati Golenko and Miguel Reyes JIMÉNEZ are the heart of Flamenco Americana's duo. Born in Chicago and Mexico City respectively, their passion for flamenco brought them together in Madrid, Spain.

Kati, one of the few women who professionally play the flamenco guitar, and Miguel, a master of the flamenco cajon with two published educational books, reject the notion that flamenco is only for people who were born into it and invite foreigners to join the clan of flamenco bastards:

‘The global tribe of #flamencobastards are all us who were born outside of Spain, lacking flamenco purity in our veins, but for some strange reason, palpating with flamenco in our blood. We can´t speak to purity, but we can share what's ours: technique, feeling, and strength. Flamenco Americana and the #flamencobastards continue to create that bridge where flamenco foreigners are recognized as an integral part of flamenco's evolution.´

After the success of their first EP, 'Flamenco Americana' (2020), where they recorded flamenco covers such as 'Ain't No Sunshine' (Rumbas) and 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' (Colombianas), the duo recently launched their most daring single to date - 'Under My Fingertips'.

Invited artists:
Ronaldo Monge, Chicago-based flamenco dancer (Puerto Rico)
Hugo Salcedo, Chicago-based flamenco guitarist and bass player (Ciudad Guzmán, MX)