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Wednesday, May 1, 2019  ·  8:00 PM CDT

From the Buena Vista Social Club
Omara Portuondo – Last Kiss / Ultimo Beso

4544 N Lincoln Ave · Gary and Laura Maurer Concert Hall · 773.728.6000

The legendary Cuban singer returns to North America on her last-ever world tour!

“For western audiences, she's the woman who suddenly popularized her country's music a decade ago, as the female star of the Buena Vista Social Club. But for Cubans, Omara Portuondo means far more. She is the best known of the club's line up because she has an extraordinary history, from her early career as a dancer in the famous Tropicana Cabaret, back in the 40's, through to her intimate, emotional vocals with the Quarteto Las d'Aida and Orchestra Aragon.” - The Guardian UK

“Her voice rarely reveals her age. It is rich, shapely, dynamic and still sultry, with only an occasional foray into the wide vibrato of an older generation.” - The New York Times