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Wednesday, April 10, 2019  ·  8:30 PM

Mn'JAM Experiment

World Music Wednesday

4545 N Lincoln Ave · The Myron R. Szold Music & Dance Hall · 773.728.6000

World Music Wednesdays

A weekly showcase of world music and dance featuring the best local and touring talent! Most shows are Wednesday nights at 8:30 PM.

Most World Music Wednesday concerts are free with a $10 suggested donation. TO GUARANTEE YOUR ENTRY MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS IN ADVANCE EITHER ONLINE OR BY CALLING THE BOX OFFICE AT 773.728.6000. Reservations unclaimed 10 minutes before showtime will be released to waiting patrons.

Mn'JAM experiment is a collective led by M (the singer) and JAM (electronics/visual artist). This multi-medium performance places visual arts and music at the same level in an environment where performers' interactivity goes way beyond the usual instruments and music and reaches out to the visual and digital world.

It's a quirky audio-visual project that explores multi-medium experimentation where the combination and correlation between sound and image makes their performance a clear-cut synesthetic experience. In a nutshell, this project is shaping the future of performances when it comes to roles and possibilities within musical settings and is literally a groundbreaking platform not only in jazz but also within live music/performances in general.

Using Technology in Live Performance Workshop with Melissa Oliveira of Mn'JAM Experiment

This workshop centers on the topic of "innovations in live performance" where, besides talking about concepts and techniques, Mn'JAM experiment also demonstrate and invite audience members to try things out themselves. This workshop is open to all instrumentalists and will focus on all sorts of elements ranging from live visuals/lighting, compositional techniques to live looping, effects and electronics. If you're interested in technology in music, this is the perfect workshop for you!

Live Looping for All Instruments Workshop with Melissa Oliveira

Get introduced to the concepts, techniques and hardware behind live looping with any instrument. Together, participants will create melody, harmony, and rhythmic lines and play with looping and stacking them in different ways. Vocalists and instrumentalists welcome!