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Wednesday, February 13, 2019  ·  8:30 PM CST


World Music Wednesday

4545 N Lincoln Ave · The Myron R. Szold Music & Dance Hall · 773.728.6000

World Music Wednesdays

A weekly showcase of world music and dance featuring the best local and touring talent! Most shows are Wednesday nights at 8:00 PM.

Most World Music Wednesday concerts are free with a $10 suggested donation. TO GUARANTEE YOUR ENTRY MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS IN ADVANCE EITHER ONLINE OR BY CALLING THE BOX OFFICE AT 773.728.6000. Reservations unclaimed 10 minutes before showtime will be released to waiting patrons.

Tcheka, born Manuel Lopes Andrade in a small, remote spot on the island of Santiago, Cape Verde, has created a unique and exquisite style that is a testament to the global influences he has embraced.

His essence is impossible to grasp, let alone pin down – he is neither modernist, nor traditionalist, and his music resists any easy categorization or comparison. While referencing multiple genres from Cape Verde (batuku, funaná, finason, tabanka, morna and coladera), Tcheka's music is also a busy intersection of Brazilian and African pop, traditional forms, folk, jazz, blues, rock, literature, anthropology and film. It is never just Cape Verdean, and it's never just music, but it's always captivating.

Tcheka's fifth album, Boka Kafé, which was released in 2017, consists of solo pieces that highlight his inimitable form and mastery on guitar and unmistakable vocals.

"His near-orchestral approach to guitar is nothing short of remarkable, bursting with rhythm, robust bass lines, delicately nuanced melodies, all creating a stage for his dry, slightly raspy, deeply soulful voice.” - Afropop Worldwide


Cape Verdean Guitar Techniques and Vocal Styles Workshop with Tcheka

Tuesday, February 12, 7:00PM

Tcheka, acclaimed artist of the Cape Verde Islands, will share in detail how his daily experiences influence his compositions; how he looks at his songs when creating the melody and rhythm and the feeling he is trying to convey. Tcheka's techniques on guitar are home-grown, but he will gladly show students what he incorporates and what it takes to achieve a similar sound. Tcheka will also demonstrate how he uses his voice to create a diversity of moods.