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Friday, June 22, 2018  ·  8:00 PM

Jug Band Kazoobilee

featuring Strictly Jug Nuts, the Deep Fried Pickle Project, and Bones Jugs

4545 N Lincoln Ave · The Myron R. Szold Music & Dance Hall · 773.728.6000

Join the finest jug bands in the land for a night of raucous merriment and a foot-tapping good time!

As the grand finale of National Kazoo Week,* the Kazoobilee wraps a week of honoring this modest but noble instrument. Should you miss stories in the press and the related activities – kazoo workshops, group and individual counseling, special Cafe menu items and music store discounts -- the Kazoobilee will be your final opportunity to participate in the nation's major event celebrating America's own, most democratic musical instrument.

The Jug Band Kazoobilee will feature three bands: Strictly Jug Nuts, the Deep Fried Pickle Project, and Bones Jugs – collective winners of four years of the Chicago Battle of the Jug Bands. The show will feature contemporary jug band music, with both traditional and new material and including audience participation. While honoring the kazoo, during most of the evening the kazoo will enjoy the modest role of honoree by its use only in selected jug band environments. The audience will have the option of taking the Kazoo Oath, learning the secret kazoo hand signal, singing the Kazoo Anthem, and playing the kazoo with select pieces.

This program will also mark the official release of The Kazoo and You, the most extensive study of the kazoo ever published. This slender cartoon publication has broken new ground in the field of kazoo studies, and has received unbelievably good reviews, published exclusively on the back cover.

We believe that in future years, the installation of National Kazoo Week in June, creation of the Kazoobilee, the release of The Kazoo and You, and the related activities will be recognized as making June 22nd, 2018 a highlighted date in the history of the kazoo.

This message has been approved by the National Kazoo Council, Midwestern Synod

* If your impression is that Kazoo Week occurs in January, your belief has been eclipsed by recent events. Earlier this year National Kazoo Day was scheduled once again to fall on a Sunday. Based on years of public complaints regarding previous occurrences of this outrage, in early 2018, democratic rebel forces. moving at night and with no opposition, seized that calendar day and the days of National Kazoo Week preceding it. National Kazoo week has now been securely installed as the fourth week of June, with the fourth Friday of June now set as National Kazoo Day. For traditionalists, the empty shell of the former National Kazoo Day. stripped of all accouterments, can still be found in January.

Deep Fried Pickle Project