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Wiggleworms Classes FAQ & Online Tips

Welcome to Wiggleworms! Here is some useful information to help you and your child get the most from the Wiggleworms experience.

Online Tips For Wiggleworms Families
How do I access my online Wiggleworms class
Enhance Your Wiggleworms Online Experience With These Items
What Is The Adult’s Role In Class?
Can I Register Multiple Children In The Same Class?
Share Wiggleworms Classes With Siblings and Friends
Can’t Make It To Class? Makeup Policies

Let's Play Music

Silly, musical, playful, and wonderful, Wiggleworms is a hands-on exploration of music. Engaged and curious, children sing, dance, learn finger plays, tell story songs, and explore rhythm instruments for little hands! Trained educators and thriving musicians, Wiggleworms teachers may lead class on acoustic guitar, `ukulele, autoharp, banjo, and gathering drums. Grownups and kids discover American and world folk songs and delight in rock, pop, and fun original music.

In Wiggleworms, children begin to acquire the language of music during an important and magical time for growth. There is no right or wrong way for kids to join in. With time, children will build trust with new friends and places. As the session progresses, we hope children feel a sense of belonging, express themselves, try new things and play music. We hope children begin to develop a lifelong love for making music.

We dance. We sing. We explore. Sometimes grown-ups show children the way and sometimes the children show us. In Wiggleworms, we are all allowed to be a little silly, creative and expressive.

Online Tips For Wiggleworms Families

We know it can be challenging for families to keep children engaged in online classes. Here are a few tips to make the experience engaging for everyone involved:

  • Join in the fun! Our classes are specially made for families. Grownups and teachers work together to create a fun musical experience for our Wiggleworms. Help your child get the most out of class by jumping in with them!
  • Stream to your TV. If you have an option to stream your computer or mobile device to a television set, you may find that experience is more effective than a laptop on the floor with your little one.
  • Have your computer or tablet plugged in. Video calls drain batteries quickly.
  • Please mute. Muting your microphone while you are not speaking/singing/playing cuts down on noise interference. Access advanced audio settings per device for additional assistance and features.
  • Avoid echo. Use the same device for your microphone and speakers.

How do I access my online Wiggleworms class

Once you have registered, the best place to check for info related to your class is within your Old Town School web account. Links to your online class will be available here at least 3 days before your class is scheduled to start.

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Also, keep an eye on your email inbox in the days before your class. You’ll be receiving a specific link for where to join. Reminders with links go out via email at least 3 days before your class starts, 1 day before and a one hour before class starts as a last-minute reminder.

Things to have on hand to enhance your Wiggleworms online experience:

Many of these items are available for purchase at the Old Town School Music Store online. Choose either curbside pickup or delivery wherever you are!

  • A scarf, blanket, or napkin
  • Something to use as a shaker
  • Something to use as a drum
  • Bubbles

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What is the adult's role in class?

Enjoy! Delight in your child's musical discoveries and creative expression. Participate with your child and model the routine of the class while always singing and playing along. Find strategies to meet your child's needs while demonstrating to your child they are safe and capable in the group. Connect with other parents and children through the music. Learn songs and games to play at home. Cherish this special window into your child's development. Let your child know how much you value this musical time together. Help create a musical community!

Please arrive to class on time, and use the time after class to visit with other parent-caregivers. We want you to linger, socialize, and enjoy the school community, but save adult conversations for after class.

Can I register multiple children in the same class?

You can! Register one multiple, or your older child, in an age-appropriate class at the full or member price. Next, register the second multiple or younger sibling for the same class. 25% off the second registration will automatically apply.

Want to share Wiggleworms with a sibling or friend?

Once per session, siblings or friends of the appropriate age group may visit classes that are not at capacity. Advance reservations are required. First, get approval from your teacher, then, register in the try-out spot with the front desk. You are welcome to bring babies under six months to an older sibling's class at no extra cost. Attending children six months or older should be registered for the class. And, you may register a younger sibling for any older sibling's Wiggleworms class.

Can't make it to class?

We provide 1-2 spaces in each Wiggleworms class for make-up students. We allow up to two make-up classes in an 8 week session or up to 4 make-ups in a 16 week session. Make-ups may be scheduled in your current session only. Individual missed classes may not be exchanged for class credit or refund. We recommend you call or stop by the front desk at least 24 hours in advance to schedule a make-up. Children must be scheduled for a class in order to attend.

Please keep your little one at home if he or she is not feeling well. Your child should be fever-free for 24 hours before attending Wiggleworms.

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Many of our faculty and staff are also available for hire as performers and educators off-site. Visit our Referrals Program page for more information.