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Alternative Tunings for Songwriting Workshop with Joel Daniel

This practical workshop is your gateway to the world of alternative guitar tunings, a key to unlocking new avenues of creativity and inspiration in your songwriting. The session will focus on mastering basic chord positions in two to three alternative tunings, and will introduce a method developed with the assistance of the Guitar Tuning DataBase (https://gtdb.org/) to quickly adapt to any tuning and start playing chords. By the end of the workshop, you'll be ready to write your next tune in an alternate tuning.

“I am obsessed with songwriting. I love nothing more than music and songs: listening, writing, and talking about them.  I am fascinated with creativity and am interested in helping people stay consistently creative. 

While I do not have any formal training, I have a tremendous amount of first-hand experience, supplemented by countless books, workshops, and mentor advice. This helps me convey ideas in very simple ways. 

I think of songs as houses and will poke at them until they are structurally sound enough not to be bowled over. I have written hundreds of songs.  Some of them have won awards.  Further, I have workshopped 2000+ songs by other people. In the process, I have gained a good sense of what might be tried to improve a tune.  Further, I have developed a tremendous amount of songwriting hacks so that the idea of a block does not impede the writing process.  

I recently transplanted to Chicago from Austin, TX, where I became deeply entrenched in the songwriting community. I am very excited to join this one. If you see me, say, ‚ÄúHello‚ÄĚ and invite me to your next gig!‚ÄĚ

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