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Intro to Klezmer Workshop with Chaia

Welcome to the vibrant world of Klezmer, a style of Jewish dance music from Eastern Europe. In this course, we'll jump right into playing, learning a few of my favorite tunes and playing them together as our very own rocking Klezmer band. Each instrumentalist will have an opportunity to learn specific Klezmer techniques for your instrument, from the spirited clarinet trills to the driving rhythms of the accordion. We'll primarily learn tunes by ear, but sheet music will be available for anyone who prefers to read charts. Whether you're a seasoned musician or a beginner, come join us for an immersive exploration of Klezmer music and let's create some unforgettable melodies together! All instruments/vocalists of any level/ability welcome! 

Chaia is a New York-based DJ, accordionist, and vocalist. She was raised in the Klezmer tradition, mentored by Jewish music pioneers Basya Schechter and Hankus Netsky. She has performed widely throughout the klezmer and Yiddish scene, most notably with Ezekiel’s Wheels, Mamaliga, and members of the Klezmer Conservatory Band and the Klezmatics. Her music has been heard at major Jewish music festivals including Shtetl Berlin, KlezKanada, Yiddish New York, KlezMORE Vienna, KlezKolorado, Boston's Festival of New Jewish Music, and KlezCummington as well as at The NAMM Show, Nowadays Nonstop, and NICE, A Fest. In 2022, she founded "Kleztronica," a genre of Yiddish electronic dance music, for which she was awarded the Studio 170 Award from the Goethe Institut. Her debut album, Yibaneh, will be released in Summer of 2024.

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