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Continuing Harmonica

This class is a Continuation of Beginning Harmonica, and is designed for Harmonica Players and Enthusiasts with some Prior Experience and Practice.

In this class we will utilize the Diatonic Harmonica, to continue to improve and advance our playing and skill.

We will focus on our Tone, developing tricks and techniques for producing clear, crisp musical notes.

We will improve upon our Chord Chugging and Rhythmic Pattern, with more exercise, practice, and observation of breath.

We will listen to more recordings of songs featuring harmonica, as well as discuss notable harmonica players, practicing and advancing our play with the use of Ear Training. 

And of course, in Continuing Harmonica, we will be introduced to a great many more Melodies and Songs… more Nursery Rhymes, more Folk, Pop, Rock, Country, Blues and Jazz.  

Which means, more Harmonica Tab and continued practice, Individually, and with Guitar Accompaniment and Singing. 

For this class you will need…  a Diatonic Harmonica in the Key of C. (also suggested, the Keys of G, A, and/or D). 

Class Schedules and Availability