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Beginning Harmonica

This class is an introductory to the diatonic harmonica, and is designed for beginning harmonica players and enthusiasts.

Here we will learn how to properly care for, handle, and hold the harmonica.

We will learn how to blow, and how to draw-in, clean, clear single note, and also how to chug chords, by developing breathing skills and patterns to create rhythm.

We will listen to recordings of popular songs featuring harmonica, and we’ll discuss and practice ear training to teach ourselves to play along.

In Beginning Harmonica we will be introduced to a great many melodies from nursery rhymes, to folk, pop, rock, country, blues, and jazz standards.  

We will learn these melodies by reading simple harmonica tablature. We’ll practice and train both Individually, and with playing along to guitar accompaniment and singing.  

For this class you will need a Diatonic Harmonica in the Key of C and the desire to make music and have fun!

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