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Introduction of Balinese Gamelan Angklung

Check out this new workshop and learn to play music from Bali.  Angklung is an orchestra of metallophones that is traditionally used to accompany funerals as a celebration of life in Bali, Indonesia. These four-note instruments are a perfect introduction to the world of gamelan music. You'll learn the interlocking melodies and communal nature of gamelan. Between slow gong cycles and shredding gangsa parts his ensemble has something for everyone. 

Chicago Balinese Gamelan (CBG) is an ensemble dedicated to expanding the awareness of traditional Balinese music, dance and culture while delivering accessible, exhilarating, world-class programs and performances driven by Balinese performing arts;. The organization was founded in 2017 by Claire Fassnacht, with
support and guidance from Nyoman Mahartayasa and Ketut Gede Asnawa.

Class Schedules and Availability