African-Rooted Percussion Workshop with Pibo Marquez

Join Tycoon Percussion endorsed, master percussionist Pibo Marquez from Barlovento, Venezuela for a multi-percussion workshop on Afro-Venezuelan and Caribbean rhythms. Pibo Marquez plays the entire suite of Afro-Venezuelan and Caribbean percussion and has performed and recorded with the biggest names in traditional Venezuelan music, Salsa, and Latin Jazz. He has also produced an annual Afro-Latin Festival and founded a school of percussion in Bartlovento, Venezuela.

Join Pibo on an exploration of the following rhythms; Gaita de tambora (Zulia-Venezuela), Sangueo (Aragua-Venezuela), Malembe (Miranda-Venezuela), Mazizon y perra (Guaira-Venezuela), Chacha lokuafun ( Havana-Cuba), Cumbión (caribe-colombiano).

He will provide geographic, historical and cultural context, musical notation, demonstrate/teach the rhythms, and will leave time for Q & A.

Students are encouraged to “bring” the following to class; congas, bass drum, snare drum, or timbales. All skill levels and ages welcome. The class will be presented bilingually in English and Spanish.

Class Schedules and Availability