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African-Rooted Percussion Workshop with Joaquin Pozo

Spotlight: Cuba

Explore the classic rhythms of Afro-Cuban music with master percussionist and Havana native Joaquin Pozo. In this workshop intensive, Pozo will demonstrate on the congas - or tumbadoras as they are known in Cuba - the rhythms that constitute both popular and traditional Afro-Cuban forms. Learn the foundation of traditional rumba (guaguancó and yambú). In this masterclass, you’ll garner a critical understanding of the basic Afro-Cuban rhythms on congas, alongside the essential clave pattern.

Known as "el pulpo" or “the octopus” – as it is said his two-handed drumming rivals the eight hands of four drummers – Joaquin Pozo is a master conguero, Pozo performing effortlessly with four congas, as opposed to the typical two. Joaquin Pozo is also a master bongocero, playing the bongos with ease and a unique finesse reminiscent of the classic Cuban bongo style of playing. Having descended from a long line of revered Cuban musicians and grown up in Havana, Pozo was very early indoctrinated in the rich rumba tradition. Over the past 35 years, Joaquin has honed his traditional and popular chops mastering both folkloric forms like rumba and modern forms like jazz. Thus, Joaquin is a sought-after master clinician having taught extensively throughout the United States, Latin America, Europe, and Africa.

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