Surrendering Into Song: A Joe Henry Songwriting Workshop Series

There are still spots available to register for the one-off Surrendering Into Song: A Joe Henry Songwriting Workshop Discussion on January 21.

This 3-part series starts with a 90min presentation Surrendering Into Song: A Joe Henry Songwriting Presentation on January 21. Then, on January 28 and February 4 Joe will meet for 120min with a limited number of students to get in-depth with their own songwriting. Students should plan on bringing ideas to the table, solve problems with each other, devise strategies as a group, talk broad philosophies about songwriting, and just generally roll up their sleeves!

Singer, songwriter and producer Joe Henry will speak to the ways in which the process of songwriting is always an act of collaboration - with time, tradition, experience, expectation - wherein we might come to invest less in the idea of self-expression and more in self-discovery. We listen and learn to be in service not for what WE mean to say, but what the SONG means to say. Through a discussion of his career history and working philosophy, as well as in a real-time exchange with participants, Joe will share new strategies for breaking free of assumptions about how a song is written and developed, and how these songs might live, breathe, evolve, and move out into the world to exist without us.

Class Schedules and Availability