Irish Backup Guitar Workshop with John Doyle of Solas

Join acclaimed Irish guitar player John Doyle to cover the finer points of his rhythm playing style. In this workshop, John will go over strumming patterns, chord voicings and substitutions, and discuss some of the nuances of his style. He will go over the kinds of choices that go into backing different kinds of tunes with different time signatures and feels. Join John for this in-depth workshop and get some insight into his propelling and exciting back-up style.

Name some of the most notable recordings and performers in Irish music, and it's a fair bet that guitarist John Doyle had something to do with them. Born to a musical family in Dublin, John Doyle’s signature guitar sound has been an essential musical component to backing artists such as Liz Carroll and Karen Casey, to forming the highly acclaimed Irish band, Solas, to supergroup The Teetotalers: a trio with Doyle, Martin Hayes, and Kevin Crawford of Lúnasa. His powerhouse rhythmic guitar style and innovative arrangements have earned him Grammy nominations and prestigious gigs with the greats of the Folk, Celtic, and Bluegrass worlds. There are few artists more respected in the genre more in demand in the studio, as a songwriter, or as a performer.

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