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Flamenco Tools II - Flamenco, Cajon, and Flamenco Clapping Master Class

‘”Flamenco‬ rhythms can’t be copied, but they can be refined.”
In this master class, Miguel Reyes JIMÉNEZ will introduce his third educational book ‘Flamenco Tools II’, a compendium of lessons and exercises devised from over 20 years of teaching. With practical cajon and ‪flamenco‬ clapping examples as well as duo demonstrations in collaboration with Kati Golenko (American ‪flamenco‬ guitarist based in Madrid, Spain) this class is aimed at percussionists, drummers, and musicians who want to improve the way they feel and play ‪flamenco‬ rhythms.

1. Position your hands correctly on the cajon and while hand-clapping ‪flamenco‬ rhythms, focusing on:
a. Improving the quality of the tone and sound
b. Aiming for fluency
c. Improving the accentuation of ‪flamenco‬ rhythms/ styles

2. Understand the keys to improving your inner sense of rhythm for ‪flamenco‬
3. Learn to program a digital metronome to study ‪flamenco‬
4. Improve your ‘soniquete’ or ‘‪flamenco‬ groove’ through the polyrhythmic richness of ‪flamenco‬
5. Develop and apply common drum studies/exercises to the cajon using the '‪Flamenco‬ Tools' method

With two published ‪flamenco‬ books, and currently releasing his third book, ‘Flamenco Tools II’, Miguel Reyes Jiménez is an international maestro of ‪flamenco‬ rhythms. Over the past 20 years, Miguel has had the privilege of teaching ‪flamenco‬ rhythms at the Casa Patas Foundation, Amor de Dios ‪Flamenco‬ Academy, and other cultural centers in Madrid, Spain. Additionally, Miguel is the artistic producer and director of his own ‪flamenco‬ company having created more than nine original shows. As a composer and writer he belongs to the Spanish Society of Authors and Publishers (Spanish abbreviation- SGAE) and is also responsible for the ‪flamenco‬ department at Alborada Musical Events.

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