Qawwali: Mystical Music of the Sufis

Celebrate the rich heritage of South Asian Sufi Music with well known musician Dhruv Sangari (Bilal Chishty). Experience the unique tradition of Qawwali, a pulsating genre of devotional musical expression popular in India and Pakistan.

In this one of a kind workshop Bilal, originally from Delhi, India will explore the historical and cultural context of Qawwali music and its evolution into a symbol of syncretic devotion, as well as translate and explain the nuances of some of its spiritual poetry.

Participants will also learn about the vocal technique, ragas (modes), rhythms, accompanying instruments and performative aspects of the form.

If you play an instrument, bring one along to jam to a Qawwali performance with the group at the end of the workshop, or just clap along!

Class Schedules and Availability