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How to Think Like A New Yorker Cartoonist and Why: Engineering “Aha” Moments to Solve Your Toughest Challenges

If you’re in business, the demands for “aha” insight, innovation, and creativity are relentless. You’ve heard that it takes things like “generative play” and “divergent thinking,” but A) what the heck are they? And B) then what? Let the people who have been cranking out memorable insights for the last century demystify the process. The cartoonists of The New Yorker practice a discipline that unlocks your creative problem-solving potential like nothing else. That’s not bragging, it’s science. And they can teach it to you. Come for an afternoon of hands-on training in getting to “aha”—with plenty of “haha” along the way.

Join New Yorker veteran and National Cartoonists Society “Best Gag Cartoonist” award winner, Pat Byrnes, to learn the discipline behind the world’s most intensive art form—the New Yorker cartoon—and the empowering science of why it can work for you. Get your creative muscles jacked to compete in whatever game you’re in.

Pat Byrnes has been a cartoonist for The New Yorker since 1998 and is a winner and six-time nominee of the National Cartoonist Society’s Best Gag Cartoonist award (it’s like the cartoonist’s Grammy). Previous careers include Clio-winning ad writer, voice actor, illustrator, comedian, inventor, and aerospace engineer (no joke).

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