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Mountain Style Fiddle Workshop with Bruce Molsky

Bruce's fiddle workshop brings players together to look at the intricacies of the old mountain style, which predates bluegrass and country western styles heard on early radio and television.

The workshop takes a detailed, hands-on approach to old time fiddle, and the class will cover a couple of tunes in during the session. For each tune we'll go a phrase at a time, first simply with melody, then adding bowing, and finally piecing things together, all the while being mindful of the elements that make up the music, like rhythm, intonation, syncopation, dynamics, etc. All these things together make the 'old time' sound, and that's what we'll be after. And of course, to have some fun with all of it!

A recorder is essential. Since development of ear training skills is one of the workshop goals, written music will not be provided, but if folks find it helpful to take written notes or transcribe as we go, that's fine too. The greatest benefit, though, will be from watching and playing the phrases over until they feel comfortable.

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