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Thin Lizzy Ensemble

Thin Lizzy was Ireland's heaviest-rocking and best selling band of the ‘70s.  Lead singer, bass player, and songwriter Phil Lynott wrote some amazing killer riffs with Who-like power chords and Springsteen like lyrics about the working man.  Much more successful and popular in Europe, Thin Lizzy was a huge influence of most metal bands since their 15 year existence.  "The Boy's Are Back In Town" and "Jailbreak" were clearly Lizzy's biggest hits in the states, but Lizzy had countless  hits overseas such as The Cowboy Song" and the cover of the old Folk-Irish favorite "Whiskey In The Jar:
Join Dan in learning the hard rocking grooves and dueling guitar solos of Phil Lynott's Thin Lizzy as you barrel through Lizzy's extensive catalog of heavy metal. 

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