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Intro to Bagpipe - 4 Week Practice Chanter Workshop

This four-week introductory workshop will focus on giving students a strong technical introduction to the practice chanter of the Great Highland Bagpipe. Beginning piping students usually spend 6 months to a year of developing playing technique, and learning and memorizing basic pipe tunes prior to progressing to the full instrument. The practice chanter plays at both a lower register and a lower volume than the full bagpipes, and players of all levels spend a considerable amount of time working on the practice chanter prior to transitioning to the full pipes.

The workshop will use Robert Wallace Bagpipe Tutor 1 as course materials which will be provided to each student as part of his or her registration. By the end of the four weeks, students will have the skills needed to begin to play Amazing Grace and Scots Wha’ Hae!

Class Schedules and Availability