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Multiplicity and Connections for the Songwriter

A special one-time songwriting workshop with Sue Demel. This 90 min. session is purposefully placed on the same weekend as the OTS Songwriting Seminar which runs Dec. 7 Friday and has a song-share Dec. 9, Sunday. Sue invites you to enhance your overall experience by adding this Saturday workshop to the seminar weekend or merely take this separately as a boost to your own personal writing projects.

An ultimate writing exploration through “Multiplicity”! With inspirations from the author Italo Calvino and a variety of in-class exercises & cues, Sue will help you more readily connect all that you are and bring those discoveries to your work. This class is a reminder that we are, as Calvino writes - a “combinatoria - each life is an encyclopedia, a library of objects, a series of styles, and everything can be constantly shuffled.” In class discussions of repetition, editing, expanding rhythmic boundaries, converging elements, and levels of your own language will be discussed and explored.

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