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Latvian Folk Songs and Dances

Join Imanta Dimanta un draugi (“ImantaDimanta and Friends”), a Latvian post-folk band with bluegrass influences, for this special workshop after their World Music Wednesday performance! The workshop will showcase the many aspects of Latvian song and dance traditions. They will teach the group about the traditional Latvian stringed instrument - the kokle, Latvian folk song structures, as well as traditional Latvian folk dancing! Participants will gain an understanding of Latvian culture - Latvian traditions past and present.

Katrina Dimanta (born in Latvia) and Imanta Nigale (a U.S.-born Latvian) have previously shared Latvian traditional music and dance with diverse audiences in the United States, Great Britain, Australia, Turkey, Brazil, and Iceland. This workshop will be of particular interest to string players, singers, and dancers.

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